"What I Did While Watching the Super Bowl"

by Bruce Lansky

What I Did While Watching the Super Bowl

The story behind the poem: I usually go skiing on Super Bowl Sunday (if there’s any snow* in Minnesota). Really! There’s no one else on the ski slope because roughly 99% of Minnesotans (where I live) are watching the Super Bowl on TV. And the game is usually a blowout—with a score like 49 to 3.

But what if there’s a kid, somewhere, who’s like me and has other things he or she would rather do than watch another Super Bowl blowout. And what if this kid’s family makes watching the Super Bowl a “must” activity, like going to church on Sunday and going to school Monday through Friday, so he or she couldn’t possibly sneak out to meet me on the ski slope.

Of course, the kid is bored silly---and this poem predicts what will probably happen. The rhythm is very simple. In that respect, it reminds me a little of “Snow Day” by one of my favorite poets.

Hope you like it.

*FYI, if there’s no snow, I go bowling on Super Bowl Sunday.

© copyright Bruce Lansky from Funny Little Poems for Funny Little People with permission of its publisher Meadowbrook Press.

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