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"What a great way to turn 3- to 6-year-old children into readers!"
-Stan Steiner, PhD, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Literacy, College of Education, Boise State University

For a limited time all three PictureReading books are available for free at your favorite online eBook retailer! Click on the titles below for the links.

Bruce Lansky's engaging PictureReading books are meant to be read to, with, and by children. How can preschoolers and children who are still learning to read possibly read stories to adults? Simple: The book contain no words, so children can "read" the pictures and use that visual information to tell the story.

Reading pictures is similar to reading words, but it's a lot easier. When children read pictures, they smile and laugh as they learn what is happening in the story, get to know the characters, imagine what the characters are thinking or feeling, and use picture-clues to predict what might happen next. PictureReading provides young children with a shortcut that enables them to read picture-stories at an early age. The books also let young children practice a wide range of verbal skills as they narrate the story in their own words.

Be sure to check out the PictureReading page for user's guides for parents and teachers with lesson plans, story summaries, vocabulary words, background knowledge questions and reading prompts.

Early Birdy Gets the WormPolar Brrr's Big AdventureMonkey See, Monkey Do

"100% adorable! Wow, I'm smiling from ear to ear.
I never knew wordless picture books could be so entertaining!"
-Nancy Kerr, President, Children's Reading Foundation

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