128 pages
7" x 9"

Rolling in the Aisles

A Collection of Laugh-Out-Loud Poems

Edited by Bruce Lansky

Illustrated by Stephen Carpenter

Rolling in the Aisles is one of the funniest anthologies of giggle poetry ever published. It contains humorous poems selected by a panel of more than 1,000 elementary school students. Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Ted Scheu, Robert Pottle, and Eric Ode all made the cut for this giggle-packed collection of rhymes.

41,500 copies in print

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"Giggles are guaranteed…”

-Parents Magazine

"Bruce Lansky's poetry books are so funny we can't keep them in the library." 

-Lynette Townsend, Librarian, Laguna Hills, California 

"Reading just one of these poems is like trying to eat just one french fry." 

-Lynn Johnston, cartoonist, "For Better or For Worse" 


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