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The Simple Guide to Having a BabyThe Simple Guide to Having a Baby by Penny Simkin, PT; et al, is the accessible, easy-to-read version of the best-selling Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn.  Newly updated for 2016, Simple Guide is for expectant parents who only want the most important, need-to-know, and how-to information. 

Written with clear and simple language and filled with photographs and illustrations, The Simple Guide to Having a Baby is readily accessible to most teens and adults. It’s perfect for the busy parent
who doesn’t have time to read a comprehensive book or for parents who may have difficulty reading at a higher level. The book tells readers everything they need to stay healthy during pregnancy, how to handle labor pain and birth, and caring for a new baby. 

Notable updates to the 2016 edition include:

  • Stories about typical pregnancy and birth experiences, which make content easier to relate to.
  • Links to online content and resources, so readers can learn more about topics of concern.
  • Nutrition guidelines and fitness recommendations.
  • A simplified explanation of the entire labor process and comfort techniques.
  • Updated maternity care recommendations to reduce the number of cesarean births.
  • Increased discussion of mental health and emotional issues during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • The most current breastfeeding advice from lactation consultants.

“This supportive and accessible guide is easy to read, explains medical jargon, and includes illustrations, adding to an understanding of the body’s wonderful abilities to give birth”
—Book review printed in Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care

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