We're pleased to annouce that Meadowbrook Press is a part of Summer Freebies with

During the month of June, many educational websites, curriculum providers, etc., will be joining with to offer a portion of their services free of charge to homeschoolers and others interested in home-based education.

Please visit for a chance to win a copy of Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons, and to see what other great opportunities are available to you and your family.

Picture of Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons

 Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons gives parents and teachers everything they need
 to help children improve their reading:
     • 35 kid-tested poems by Bruce Lansky
     • 35 off-the-wall illustrations by Stephen Carpenter
     • 35 customized reading lessons by Amy Buswell
     • 35 sets of zany performance tips by Bruce Lansky
      …all of which are designed to make the process of reading improvement more
     like fun than work.

 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA)
 Parenting Resources Honors Winner in Education

 Now available from Meadowbrook Press, available in stores August 5, 2014

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