112 pages
5 1/4" x 7 1/2"

Girls to the Rescue #3—Hidden Courage

10 inspiring stories about clever and courageous girls from around the world

Edited by Bruce Lansky

In most heroic tales, a helpless young lady waits around for a prince to rescue her. But the spunky girls in this entertaining series are much too busy saving the day to await Prince Charming. These adaptations and original stories from around the world inspire readers to become a new kind of heroine. If you enjoy the stories in this book, look for more fun adventures in the other books in the series.

This third book in the series contains the following short stories: "Hidden Courage" (an original story), "Emily and the Underground Railroad" (an original story), "Sarah's Pickle Jar" (adapted from a Chinese folktale), "Bai and the Tree of Life" (an original story), "Young Maid Marian and Her Amazing, Astounding Pig" (an original story), "Kamala and the Thieves" (adapted from an Indian Folktale), "The Pooka" (an original story), "Cloudberry Trifle" (an original story), "Maya's Stone Soup" (adapted from a European folktale), and "Annie and the Black Cat" (an original story).

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"Provides positive female role models."

-Nicole Bondi The Detroit News


-Lynn Gibson Spokane Spokesman-Review

"Inspiring reading."

-Kansas City Star


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