Early Birdy Gets the Worm Reviews

Reviewers love Early Birdy Gets the Worm! Here are four of the latest outstanding reviews.

"As a parent and former Preschool teacher, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!!!  What a great idea!" -Wacky and Wonderful Words Wednesday by Frugal Maggie

"Building confident, enthusiastic readers are what we all want and this book helps give those early readers a great boost of encouragement."-Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"This is what early reading should be....about story, paying attention to the pictures, making inferences, understanding loosely the beginning, middle, and end. I'm growing a reader and this book is now a favorite!"-My Mommy Reads

"If you have a child that likes reading but can't actually read yet, this series of wordless picture books is perfect." -Batch of Books

Early Birdy Gets the Worm

Early Birdy Gets the Worm is available now in hardcover and eBook formats.

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