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What's Trendy in Baby Names?

Nicole Villalpando interviewed Bruce on naming tips and trends. Read the interview at Austin 360!

"What's trendy in baby names? Bruce Lansky knows the answers."

100,000+ Baby Names

The newly updated 100,000+ Baby Names is available now.

For Bruce's latest musings on names and naming check out his blog, Baby Names in the News.

Mountain City Visit
Bruce Lansky signing a book for a fan

My Visit to Mountain City, TN For the last three days I’ve been in an enchanted land I’d never seen before. It was a...

Posted by Bruce Lansky on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Here's the write-up from The Tomahawk newspaper: "Imagination Library celebrates tenth 'birthday' with fund-raiser carnival"

25 Names With Positive Meanings for Your Boy or Girl

by Bruce Lansky

Most recommended names have been assembled because they are popular, fashionable or because they are associated with celebrities. I’ve assembled these names because they have meanings which may appeal to parents looking for names with substance. I’ve selected 25 fairly common boys’ and girls’ names that may inspire and guide your child in a positive direction.

Just for fun, I’ve listed them two ways: names before meanings and meanings before names—so you consider the names you like best and the meanings you like best. Hopefully, you’ll find a name you like that has a meaning you like too.

Boys’ Names (Origins) Meanings

Angus (Scottish) exceptional, outstanding
Aubrey (German) noble
Asher (Hebrew) happy, blessed
Brian (Irish) strong, virtuous, honorable
Casey (Irish) brave
Charles (English) strong, manly
Charif (Lebanese) honest
Chen (Chinese) great, tremendous
Gareth (Welsh) gentle
Gilbert (English) trustworthy
Habib (Arabic) beloved
Justin (Latin) just, righteous
Kevin (Irish) handsome
Kareem (Arabic) noble, distinguished
Kohana (Lakota) swift
Leif (Scandinavian) beloved
Lowell (English) beloved
Maximillian (Latin) greatest
Nolan (Irish) famous, noble
Riley (Irish) valiant
Rashad (Arabic) wise counselor
Sharif (Arabic) honest, noble
Tony (Latin) praiseworthy
Vijay (Hindi) victorious
Xavier (Arabic) bright

Meanings: Boys’ Names (Origins)

Beloved: Habib (Arabic)
Beloved: Lowell (English)
Beloved: Leif (Scandinavian)
Brave: Casey (Irish)
Bright: Xavier (Arabic)
Exceptional, Outstanding: Angus (Scottish)
Famous, Noble: Nolan (Irish)
Gentle: Gareth (Welsh)
Great, Tremendous: Chen (Chinese)
Greatest: Maximillian (Latin)
Handsome: Kevin (Irish)
Happy, Blessed: Asher (Hebrew)
Honest, Noble: Sharif (Arabic)
Noble: Aubrey (German)
Just, Righteous: Justin (Latin)
Noble, Distinguished: Kareem (Arabic)
Praiseworthy: Tony (Latin)
Trustworthy: Gilbert (English)
Strong, Virtuous Honorable: Brian (Irish)
Swift: Kohana (Lakota)
Valiant: Riley (Irish)
Victorious: Vijay (Hindi)
Wise Counselor: Rashad (Arabic)

Girls Names (Origins) Meanings

Amanda (Latin) lovable
Amelia (German) hard worker
Amy (Latin) beloved
Bonita (Spanish) pretty
Brisa (Spanish) beloved
Carina (Italian) dear little one
Carissa (Greek) beloved
Cher (French) beloved, dearest
Claire (French) clear, bright
Clarissa (Greek) brilliant
Gail (English) merry, lively
Grace (Latin) graceful, gracious
Hilary (Greek) cheerful, merry
Irene (Greek) peaceful
Joy (Latin) joyful, joyous
Jun (Chinese) truthful
Justine (Latin) just, righteous
Lara and Larissa (Greek) cheerful
Linda (Spanish) pretty
Olympia (Greek) heavenly
Qadira (Arabic) powerful
Taka (Japanese) honored
Yoko (Japanese) good girl

Meanings: Girls Names (Origins)

Beloved: Amy (Latin)
Beloved: Brisa (Spanish)
Beloved: Carissa (Greek)
Beloved, dearest: Cher (French)
Cheerful, merry: Hilary (Greek)
Cheerful: Lara, Larissa (Greek)
Clear, Bright: Claire (French)
Dear Little One: Carina (Italian)
Good Girl: Yoko (Japanese)
Graceful, Gracious: Grace (Latin)
Hard Worker: Amelia (German)
Honored: Taka (Japanese
Joyful, Joyous: Joy (Latin)
Just, Righteous: Justine (Latin)
Lovable: Amanda (Latin)
Peaceful: Irene (Greek)
Powerful: Qadira (Arabic)
Pretty: Bonita (Spanish)
Pretty: Linda (Spanish)
Truthful: Jun (Chinese)

100,000+ Baby Names

For Bruce's latest musings on names and naming check out his blog, Baby Names in the News.

© Bruce Lansky All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced without proper notice of copyright.

Summer Learning Activity

Dear Teacher recommends reading A Bad Case of the Giggles as one of their summer learning activities for introducing older students to funny poetry!

A Bad Case of the Giggles

Check out the article here: Make Sure Kids are Prepared for the First Day of School

A Few of My Favorite Recently Popular Names

by Bruce Lansky

Every year we add the latest newly popular names to 100,000+ Baby Names, so people considering them for use can look them up and learn about their meaning and origin. Specifically, we add names which have gained enough popularity to be added to the Social Security Administration’s lists of the 1,000 most popular boys’ and girls’ names.

Many of the newly popular names are new variations of names already on the list, such as Lorelai, a variation of Lorelei. Some are familiar only to people who watch  certain TV shows, like Khaleesi, a name popularized by “Game of Thrones”. (Needless to say, the problem with names like Lorelai and Khaleesi is that they are often difficult to spell and/or pronounce.)

Some newly popular names are place names, like Maylasia and Ireland. Some are the last names of celebrities and athletes, like Anniston, Lennon and Beckham. And some are combinations of two names that just sound good together, like Lillyana.

Just for fun, I thought you might enjoy a quick look at some of the most appealing newly popular names I’ve come across over the last few years. However, instead of giving you the precise origins and meanings I use in my book, I’ll just mention the reason I think some of these names might be of interest.

Newly Popular Boys’ Names Over the Past Few Years:

Baylor (the name of a great Texas university)
Beckham (the last name of an English soccer star)
Dash (a name that implies speed and energy)
Nash (the name an old car brand and a game-theory expert featured in “A Beautiful Mind.”)
Ronin (a feudal Japanese samurai)
Rylee (a fun new spelling for Riley)
Tiago and Thiago (a Brazilian basketball star who plays in the NBA)
Xavi (a nickname for Xavier and the name a Spanish soccer star)

Newly Popular Girls’ Names Over the Past Few Years:

Anniston (the last name of the actress who played Rachael in “Friends”)
Elliot (a boys’ name that’s now being used for  girls)
Everly (the last name of two famous brothers who made music in the ‘50s and ‘60s)
Henley (the location—on the Thames river—of a rowing race between Oxford and Cambridge)
Journee (the French word for day)
Juniper (an evergreen shrub whose aroma can be found in gin)
Lennon (the last name of one of the most famous Beatles)
Lillyana (a combination of two names that sound great together)
Malaysia (a country that has become a name for girls)
Oakley (a sporty and cool brand of sunglasses)
Sutton (an upscale street on Manhattan’s chic east side)

100,000+ Baby Names

For Bruce's latest musings on names and naming check out his blog, Baby Names in the News.

© Bruce Lansky All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced without proper notice of copyright.

Find the Perfect Name

From the Most Trusted Author of Baby Name Books

100,000+ Baby Names

100,000+ Baby Names is the most complete, most fascinating, and most helpful name book you can find. Bruce Lansky, the #1 author of baby name books in North America, has created this new edition of 100,000+ Baby Names just for you. It’s the best book to help you find the perfect name.

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                  • Worksheets to help you gather appealing names and make a final choice

This book will help you choose a name that you and your baby will love! 

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Poetry Olio Recap

“Saturday Night Live” on July 18 at the Poetry Olio in St. Louis was, according to comments from those who attended, “...

Posted by Bruce Lansky on Thursday, July 23, 2015
18th Annual Poetry Olio

2015 Poetry Olio

And don't forget to stop by Meadowbrook Press' booth for autographs and fun with your favorite poets!
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We'll be at booth #1541 at the International Literacy Association 60th Annual Conference
July 18-20 at America's Center in St. Louis, MO.

We hope to see you there!

"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary"

Mary Had a Little Jame

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